The Odjo Dagua

A Few Choice Places to Eat

Lunchtime Treats

Palm Beach

Palm Beach

Directly on the beach in Santa Maria, this restaurant does fantastic pizza's, freshly cooked with any topping you want.

We would consider this a lunch time treat, where you can sit and watch the world go by. It's to the left of the pier, looking out to sea and directly in front of Santa Marias Muscle Beach.

You can also enjoy sushi here and they offer Free WiFi for diners or drinkers.

MOrabeza Beach Club

Morabeza Beach Club

This restaurant is probably in the best possible position in Santa Maria. It looks directly over the sandy beach to the right of the Pier (as you look out to sea) and is only open for lunch.

The Tuna Pave is not to be missed. Litterally seared to perfection it is served with a portion of salad and rice (traditional in Cape Verde) and flavoured with Soy and Sesamee oil.

They have choices of fresh fish caught locally and cooked at the beach bar-b-que and their Gespachio starter is a delightfully light pre cursor to a lovely relaxed lunch.

Ponta Preta Restaurant

Restaurante at Ponta Preta

Ponta Preta is where all the great wind-kite and surfers go to ride the big waves. It's also where any competitions take place in all those sports and is worth a visit when there's a good swell.

There's a restaurant there but it's only open during the day.It has a very relaxed atmosphrere and is in a prefect position on the soft sandy beach.

We would specifically suggest the Sunday lunchtime Bar-B-Que, where you get a pick of goodies at a reasonable price.

Relaxed Evening Dining


Restaurante Barracuda

This restaurant is directly next to the Palm Beach - on the beach front. In fact, you have the choice of sitting inside or outside, on tables set on the soft sand. There really isn't a restauran with a better outlook.

The restaurant is open from breakfast through dinner but we wouldn't really consider this for lunch.

It does a fantastic Carpacio of Tuna and Wahoo so that's something to try. They also do a very good paella (for 2) so if you fancy something slightly different that is a great choice.

Chez Pastis


This restaurant is probably the "Hidden Gem" of Santa Maria. It resides in between 2 houses on the 3rd road back from the ocean (the one way street heading west) so it's very easy to either miss or ignore.

However, it's a very small restaurant that's always busy and you will almost certainly have to book.

The patron, Herbert Fino, prides himself on the quality of the steaks and they are sublime. When he says "Seared" he means it - the best steaks are served almost rare - but here rare is prefect.

La Prive

Le Prive

This is another hidden gem that resides on the north side of the first street back from the beach, past the main square heading towards Porto Antigo. It's a garden restaurant that is open to the elements but is fully walled, so is protected fromt he wind.

Fresh fish and unusual dishes are their speciality, all served in a romantic setting. Again you are likely to have to book for this restaurant, so do so early in your stay to avoid disappointment.

They sometimes also have Cape Verdian musicians perform while you eat.

Tam Tam

Tam Tam Bar

This is really an all day entry, where you can get breakfast, lunch and dinner. The husband and wife Irish owners are probably the hardest working people in Santa Maria but they always have a smile and some friendly banter for their patrons.

We know people who consider their chili the best on the island, but all their food is good.

Come here for a friendly pub like atmosphere and basic but good food. Another reason for a visit is that they have UK sports showing on their TV's, so you needn't miss that "All Important" match.

Hilton Beach Restaurant

The Hilton Hotel Beach Bar

Another all day entry, where you can get lunch and dinner. The view is fantastic, over soft sand down to the ocean. They have positioned their beach beds to either side of this wide building, so your view is uninterrupted

This is one of the most expensive lunch options, but perhaps that's expected from a Hilton.

There is a bar to one side, with large flatscreen TV and the restaurant is to the left. Seats are comfortable and service is attentive, especially for the Carribean minded Cape Verde Islands. Food is of a good quality and is varied.

Odjo Dagua

Hotel Odjo D'Agua

This restaurant to this hotel juts out into the ocean, so as you eat waves pass you by leading to a very relaxed atmosphere.

Once again you can have seared Tuna done to perfection here as well as other fresh fish caught the same day.

This restaurant is more Carribean in nature than most, so it's laid back and there can often be a wait for your food. Enjoy the atmosphere, enjoy the sea but don't come here if you're in a hurry.